The Bossingham Web Site

Welcome to the Bossingham web site. This site is for anyone with the surname Bossingham or who is descended from a Bossingham. It is not a common name so we are pretty exclusive bunch - and we think quite special too!

I have been building a family tree below are the results. Each change of colour is a different generation. If a name in the left hand column is a link then it will lead to more details about that person. If a date is a link then it leads to a photograph of the relevant document.

There are currently 4 charts. The Earlier Bossinghams (below) starting from Oliver Bossingham b. 1688, the Descendants of Thomas Bossingham b 1840, the Descendants of John Oliver b 1832 and also of William Bossingham of Upwell

Thanks to Bill Harrison, Winifred Starling (my Aunt) and Lesley Jones (my 2nd cousin) for compiling and supplying information.

If you think you might like to be listed on this site then do contact me, Mike Bossingham, on my email address, You will need to send us a photograph and some information about yourself and if you wish your email address so that you can be contacted. There is no charge for this, after all you are a Bossingham.

I have now added a whole lot of photos of people from my father's collection. You can see more information and photos of people by clicking on their names in the 1st or 3rd columns. There are a few photos where he was not sure who the people are, so it would be ever so helpful if you took a look and see if you recognise anyone in the photos.

We can, if you wish, set you up a email address and arrange to have the emails forwarded to your existing address. Do contact us if you are a Bossingham even if you don't want to be put on the web site. We would love to hear from you.

The Earlier Bossinghams

Name Parents Married To Children
Oliver Bossingham
b 20th June 1688
@ Old Weston, Hunts
  Ingfield Pell
2nd October 1726
@ Old Weston, Hunts
William b 1727 d 1727/28
John b 1729
Thomas Bossingham
b 13th December 1730
@ Old Weston, Hunts
Oliver and Ingfield Bossingham Mary Miller
17th February 1759
@ Ramsey
Catherine 1762
Ann b 1763 d 1840
Elizabeth 1764
John Bossingham
b 1769
@Old Weston, Hunts
d 5th May/June 1807
@Old Weston, Hunts
Thomas and Mary Bossingham Ann Goodwin
6th December 1789
@Brington, Hunts
b 5th March 1770
@ Alconbury Weston
d. of William Goodwin & Ann Gentell,
Elizabeth b 1790 d 1790
Philip b 1791 d 1864
Elizabeth b 1795 d age 88
Mary b 1797 d 1797
Sarah b 1801
Mary d 1804
Jane b 1806 d 1807
Oliver Bossingham
b 3rd March 1793
@ Old Weston
d 1861
@ Dogsthorpe, Peterborough
John and Ann Bossingham Sarah Sawfoot
1st March 1824
@ St John's Peterborough
b 1802
@ Salton, Northamptonsire
d December 1868
@ Peterborough
John Oliver
Thomas Bossingham
b 29th November 1804
@ Old Weston
d 11th December 1878
@ Oundle, Hunts
John and Ann Bossingham Eunice Hobbs
5th November 1828
@ Little Gidding, Hunts
b 1809
@ Little Gidding
d 10th December 1878
Elizabeth b 1829 d 1848
Martha b 1831
Thomas b 1834 d 1907
Mary Ann 1837
William b 1840
Emmanuel b 1842 d 1842
John b 1842 d 1842
John Emmanuel b 1844
Andrew b 1846
Elizabeth b 1849
Ann(e) Bossingham
b 1925/6 @ Dogsthorpe
Oliver and Sarah Bossingham ? Richard Munton or William Sadler  
John Oliver Bossingham
b 25th March 1832
@ Paston, Northamptonshire
d 1882
@ Peterborough
Oliver and Sarah Bossingham Harriet Mary Miller
June 1856
@ Peterborough
b 13 October 1830
@ Elton, Hunts
d 1901
@ March, Northampshire?
d. of John and Jane Miller
John William
Mary Harriett
Sarah Jane
Annie Emma
Lucy Agnes b 1865
Ada Ellen b 1867 d 1950
Rachael Celia b 1869 d 1870
Edward Cecil b 1869 d 1891
Thomas Henry
Mary Bossingham
b 1834/5 @ Dogsthorpe
Oliver and Sarah Bossingham    
Joseph Bossingham
b 1837
@ Paston
Oliver and Sarah Bossingham Susannah Craythorne
10th December 1866
@ Peterborough
b 4th June 1839
@ Eye, Northamptonshire
d. of John and Ann Craythorn
Betsy b 1871
Charles Frederick b 1874 @ Sheffield or Eye
Anne b 1877 @ Eye
Minnie b 1880 @ Eye
Thomas Bossingham
b 27th February 1840
@ Dogsthorpe, Northamptonshire
d 28th October 1917
Oliver and Sarah Bossingham Betsy Marsh
21st May 1886
@ N. Muskham, Notts
b 9th September 1846
@ N. Muskham
d 1926
@ Southwell, Notts
John William
Mary Ann b 1870
Sarah Ellen
Rachel Elizabeth b 1874 d 1956
George Henry
Herbert b 1881 d 1887